Riding Technique Course

Safety for maximum biking pleasure

Our riding technique courses are designed for both beginners and experienced mountain bikers. Everyone has the opportunity to learn new skills. A solid riding technique is the key to safely navigating rough terrain. In our three-hour riding technique courses, participants can acquire the essential skills to become real mountain bike experts. We pay special attention to the importance of balance: mastering your balance on a mountain bike is the key to successfully mastering most situations.

Remember: the better your riding technique, the more fun you will have on your mountain bike tours. You will be able to use your skills in the most difficult situations, making the experience even more rewarding.

See our WEEKLY TOUR programme for the dates of our technical courses. If you would like your own private MTB guide to combine a technique course with a bike tour, then book a PRIVATE TOUR.

Our offer to learn MTB riding technique

Riding technique course different levels

Courses for all levels

Our training area offers mountain bike courses for learning riding techniques, perfect for simulating and testing different manoeuvres. Steps, climbs and descents and a wide range of equipment create the ideal environment to try out even the most demanding techniques (e.g. balance exercises). Various tours and lifts start just outside the training camp, so you can put what you’ve learned into practice straight away. So prepared, the descents will be twice as much fun.


Riding techniques for MTB » S1

Mountain bike beginners (but not absolute beginners)
A first introduction to the basics of mountain bike riding technique: You are not yet confident with your riding technique and want to learn the ideal position in the saddle? Have you already ridden in the mountains and have a good basic grip, but roots, scree and small changes in altitude still make you unsure? Then this course is for you.


Riding techniques for mtb » S2

Advanced riding techniques for single trail bikes
Build on your basic riding skills and learn new ones: Do your ambitious mountain bike rides take you on dirt roads, forest tracks and single trails over challenging terrain, often with steep climbs and descents? Have you done a lot of mountain biking but avoided the most difficult trails? Then sign up for our L2 course.


MTB riding techniques » S3

MTB on narrow and sometimes very rough paths and roads
To refine and extend your technical knowledge: are your MTB tours aimed at the most demanding single trails, climbs, ascents and descents? Do you already ride challenging climbs and descents, but are still unsure of certain passages? Do you want to overcome big bumps with ease and try out new techniques for wheelies? Then this course is for you!


Mtb riding techniques » S4

Special course to become a real expert
Refine your riding techniques and learn new ones: Do you want to master the roughest terrain and the most challenging trails? Do you want to learn how to do wheelies, jump over roots and stones or turn the rear wheel 180 degrees in sharp turns? Then our L4 course is just right for you.

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