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Improve your skiing experience with our high quality ski service

Our ski service with MONTANA CRYSTAL GLIDE FINISH® ensures the highest quality in ski and snowboard preparation. The innovative technology guarantees a precise and sharp edge and thus a perfect grip and the best control on the slopes. This is the ski and snowboard service of Intersport Val Gardena!

Advantages of our professional ski & snowboard tuning

Kanten schärfen - vor und nach dem Skiservice

Our computerized ski & board robot guarantees perfect ski tuning. This gives a special feeling runway, which you certainly do not want to miss! Here are some advantages:


Prima: Dopo:
the edges are rusty and dull sharp edge, super grip on icy pistes
the base is scratched a smooth, waxed base, easier turn
the base has no structure structured finish, more control

Wie oft sollten Ski geschliffen werden?

It depends on how often you ski and how hard the snow is. For safe and fun skiing you need a ski that is always easy to turn, glides well and has good edge grip. For daily use, it is recommended to groom your skis at least once a week. With the latest grinding robots, you can grind a ski at least 50 times before it is completely worn out.

If you bring your skis or board in the evening, we will deliver your equipment perfectly prepared the next day. We also offer the “Hotel Ski Service”. How does it work? You call us in the evening until 6pm, we pick up your skis at the hotel and bring them back prepared the next morning until 8am.

Ski Service Price List

BASIC Ski & Board Service PREMIUM Ski Service PREMIUM Snowboard Service
Remove coarse scratches No Yes Yes
Melt quality coating mass No Yes Yes
Structural polish on base Yes Yes Yes
Sharpen base edges Yes Yes Yes
Side edge grinding (88°) Yes Yes Yes
Deburr and polish edges Yes Yes Yes
Wax and polish Yes Yes Yes
Price € 39 € 47 € 59

Repair and maintenance of skis

Our INTERSPORT VAL GARDENA ski stores have a professionally trained service workshop to take care of all your ski preparation and repair needs, so you can give your best on the slopes. Our workshops offer ski repairs from November to April.

INTERSPORT Ski Service offers the latest Montana tuning technology to ensure your skis are tuned to factory standards for the best alpine ski performance. Bring your downhill skis to us and let our technicians give you a free estimate.

What is the difference between a stone grinder and a belt grinder?
While a belt grinder results in a rough and rather hairy base, a stone grinder adds a “programmed grind”. The stone structure grinds the base smooth with the highest precision and the result is a smooth and always “fast” ski.

What is ski tuning?
The turning characteristics and smoothness of the ski depend largely on tuning. Tuning is the grinding of the edge on the side of the base. In the past, this was done by hand, but only the most modern machines are capable of grinding and sharpening the edges with tenths of a degree precision. Our Montana ski grinding robots have the most modern tuning unit. With our ski service, we guarantee a ski that works without compromise and always has excellent edge grip.

The importance of ski preparation and the preparation process
Preparing your skis is a crucial step for any skier, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. This process not only improves your experience on the snow, but also increases your safety and helps protect your equipment. That’s why it’s important that you take time and pay attention to ski preparation.

Why it’s important to prepare skis: It improves performance: well-prepared skis allow for better maneuverability and control on the snow. With well-prepared skis, you can tackle different slopes with more confidence.

Increases safety: poorly prepared skis can cause accidents. The reliability of your equipment is crucial to avoid dangerous situations during the descent.

Extends the life of your equipment: regular ski maintenance helps prevent premature wear and extends the life of your skis. This means you won’t have to replace your equipment as often.

Other ski services offered:
Repair of ski bases, broken or open base gussets, replacement of ski edges, and repair or replacement of worn ski binding inserts. Since every job is different, bring your skis to INTERSPORT in Val Gardena and get a free quote.

The process of ski preparation:
Cleaning: Start by cleaning the skis from snow residues and dirt. A brush or a special tool is useful for this step.

Checking the edges: The edges of the skis need to be sharpened so that they have a good grip in the snow. This can be done with special stones or ski files.

Base impregnation:
apply a lubricant or wax to the ski base to improve smoothness. The choice of wax depends on the snow conditions (cold or warm) and the type of skiing (fast or slow).

General check: check your skis for damage or problems. Make sure the edges are straight and that there are no cracks or breaks.

Continuous Maintenance: Ski preparation is not a one-time process. It should be done regularly to maintain performance and safety. Clean the skis after each day of skiing and apply new wax as needed.

In summary, preparing your skis is an important aspect of enjoying skiing. It improves the performance, safety and longevity of your equipment. With a little care and constant attention, you can ensure that you have a great day on the slopes.

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