Boot Fitting

Millimeter fit for maximum comfort.

The ski boot is the most important part between man and ski. In our workshop, we meticulously hand-fit models of various brands to your needs. For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to the fitting of ski boots. We work on both the inner bootie and the shell (hull). This is highly technical work, and with our vast experience and having modified thousands of boots over the years, we have gained the expertise to ensure that you get a custom-fitted boot that causes no discomfort and offers maximum comfort and control during your skiing experience.

Where we work on the boots

Your personalized ski boot

Our Intersport experts enjoy the highest expertise in “boot-fitting.” After years of experience and specialized courses, we are able to mold the ‘entire ski boot by fitting it to your feet. We adopt various techniques to customize the boot, and only after a careful evaluation of your foot (leg) by our boot-fitter, are we able to assess what work needs to be done on the inner liner and/or outer plastic hull.

If you purchase a ski boot at one of the Intersport Val Gardena branches, the customization-boot fitting work is included in the price (no appointment needed).

For the fitting of your boots, not purchased from us, please contact us via an email or by phone +39 0471 790015 for your appointment.

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Custom-made insoles

Affordable comfort and performance for everyone with Custom Sidas foot custom-manufactured insoles.

With Conformable Insoles – Sidas , the foot is stabilized and positioned perfectly in the boot so as to keep the body in balance. These insoles are developed and manufactured with the utmost care and always taking into account the special anatomical characteristics of the individual, the sports he or she plays as well as special needs or requirements.

custom insoles for sport activities
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Many advantages of customized anatomical insoles:

  • improved blood circulation in the foot
  • warmest feet
  • no foot cramps
  • more precision and control
  • less fatigue and more endurance
  • comfort and sensitivity
  • optimal cushioning and balance.

Our boot insoles are fitted perfectly to your feet. We also make custom injection or thermoformed inner booties. Visit us at our boot fitting center in the ski rental in St. Christina. After a thorough analysis of your feet we will make your dream boot!

For custom orthotics make an appointment. Contact us by email or call us at +39 0471 790015.

Here’s how we create your custom footbed

Choosing a custom-made footbed is an essential step in taking care of your feet and, consequently, your overall well-being. For our customers, we have selected Sidas Comfort’Able orthotics, which offer an extraordinary combination of comfort and quality. But how does the creation of the perfect footbed actually take place? Here we explain the preliminary steps that precede the creation of a custom-made footbed.

1. Taking the Foot Shape
First, we capture the shape of your foot using a system of pads composed of microspheres. This crucial step allows us to have an accurate representation of your foot’s morphology.

2. Anatomical Modeling
Next, the footbed is heated and inserted into the shape of your foot in order to achieve accurate anatomical modeling. Once cooled, the footbed fits perfectly to the unique shape of your foot.

3. Perfect Integration

Finally, we further customize the footbed to ensure optimal integration between the foot, the shoe and the ground. This ensures a superior feeling of comfort and improved performance.

Rely on us to get a custom-made footbed that fits your feet perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort and well-being.

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