Intersport Val Gardena staff discovering the heart of Atomic: an unforgettable visit to Austria.

Today, September 25, 2023, we had the privilege of stepping through the doors of the legendary Atomic ski factory, located in picturesque Altenmarkt, Austria. Accompanied by none other than former World Cup athlete Werner Heel, we embarked on an extraordinary journey through the world of Atomic, a premium brand that has dominated the Alpine and Nordic Skiing World Cup scenes for decades.

Fabbrica di sci Atomic in Altenmarkt - Austria

Behind the Scenes: The Raw Materials Warehouse.

Our adventure began in the raw materials warehouse. Here, on huge shelves, we could see rolls of titanium and sheets of fiber, phenol, wood cores of various types, bases, and a wide range of materials. This is the raw material from which Atomic skis are born, the foundation on which excellence is built.


The Art of Carpentry

From the raw materials section we entered Atomic’s woodshop, where wood is transformed into works of art. The wood is milled, planed, and brought to the right dimensions to become the core of the ski. Surprisingly, there are different types of wood, each with unique characteristics, from stiff and heavy to springy and light.

Hand Assembly: A Mark of Excellence
The real magic happens in the press shop. Here, Atomic skis take shape. It may sound unbelievable, but every premium ski is handmade! Every layer, from the base to the edges, from the side edges to the wood core and the various layers of fiber and carbon, is carefully inserted into the milled aluminum form. This construction technique is known as “sandwiching.” Between each layer, a special glue ensures maximum adhesion. Once assembled, everything is placed in the press, where the glue is allowed to dry, creating a unique Atomic ski.

Quality is Our Priority
After assembly, superfluous material is removed using cutters and belt machines. The skis then enter a channel of machinery that cleans them, smoothes them, and subjects them to initial roughing. This is where something truly extraordinary happens: every tenth ski undergoes a rigorous quality check for imperfections. This data is entered into a dedicated quality database. Only perfect skis leave the Atomic factory.

The Passion of the Trades: Manual Labor with Heart
The most surprising aspect of this visit was the discovery that, despite the use of automated processes, much of the work is done by highly skilled craftsmen who deeply love what they do. The Atomic employees welcomed us with extraordinary kindness and took the time to answer every question we had, revealing the secrets of their craft.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Werner Heel for leading us on this extraordinary journey into the heart of Atomic. This day was an intense emotional experience, and we discovered how much work, dedication, and love is invested in the creation of each Atomic ski.

Join us as we explore the world of Atomic, where a passion for perfection is the driving force that has made this brand a true legend in world skiing.

Thank you Werner and all the people at Atomic!