Vallunga, located northeast of Selva within the Puez-Odle Nature Park, offers breathtaking scenery with steep rock faces on both sides and the Pra da Ri plateau at the far end of the valley. This quiet variant of the Vallunga mountain bike tour is ideal for families or beginners who want a light challenge, as it does not push up to the highest elevations but ends shortly after the entrance to the valley. The route follows lightly traveled back roads, dirt trails and passes through forests, requiring no particular technical skill.

Starting at the Selva Tourist Association, head to the Dantercepies valley station, then turn north to reach the parking lot at the entrance to Vallunga, on a route that is more downhill than uphill, offering opportunities for rest stops along the way.

The proposed route continues for about 1 km with an elevation gain of 50 meters toward the center of Vallunga. Mountain bikers who want a greater challenge can extend the route by continuing uphill along the cross-country ski trail to the beginning of the Pra da Ri plateau. The tour ends here as it is no longer possible to continue by mountain bike (see variations). On the way back, after reaching the parking lot, follow the narrow access road to Vallunga toward the valley until you reach the bike path west of Selva. This track follows the old Val Gardena railway, slightly uphill, to bring you back to the Tourist Association, the starting point of the tour.


  1. Extension to Pra da Ri: If you are looking for a longer tour with more elevation gain, you can avoid the tour’s turnaround point at the front of Vallunga and continue uphill along the cross-country ski trail to the Pra da Ri plateau, where you can make a wonderful stop. On the way back along the same route, you will resume the tour.
  2. Combination with Val Gardena tour: Vallunga and Val Gardena can be combined into a perfect itinerary. Begin the Val Gardena tour, where you turn slightly left, traveling a short distance on the road. At the first traffic circle, turn left and follow the road to Vallunga, joining the previously described tour and following it in the opposite direction to point 1, at the Selva Tourist Association.