This tour is a true dream, allowing you to reach two enchanting huts at the foot of the Sciliar/Schlern mountain range, set in a breathtaking landscape. On the first part of the ascent, the Pond of Fiè invites you to take a refreshing break and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. If you plan to stop by the huts, plan ahead, as their terraces offer an inviting atmosphere surrounded by a magical panorama. In addition, the short section where you need to push your bike, after the Tuff Alm, can be tackled by experienced cyclists.

The route parallel to the main road begins by following the path to St. Costantino, ideal for warming up initially. The ascent to the Pond of Fiè does not follow the main road to the Pond, but opts for a quieter variant from the north, first on an asphalt road and then on a forest road.

From there, you arrive at the shores of the Pond of Fiè, right next to the hotel of the same name. Here you can relax either at the hotel or by taking a dip in the picturesque Pond, located at the foot of the Sciliar/Schlern. A little further on you will find a large meadow with a small bar.

The trail continues to the Huber Pond, located just beyond, and then into the forest in the direction of the Tuff Alp. You will have to deal with an elevation gain of 200 meters, but once there you can take a break on the viewing terrace.

This will be followed by a short section over a pasture before you reach a steep dirt road that will lead you to the highest point of the tour, the funicular (for materials) to the Bolzano Hut. The first section of this part of the trail has been marked as “to carry,” but more experienced cyclists will be able to ride it.

Further along the forest road, you will find the junction to the Hofer Hut. Here, it is advisable to stop and take the time to enjoy the quiet, secluded location and the view of the surrounding peaks all the way to the Texel Group.

The descent from the Hofer Hut to Umes involves an elevation gain of 500 meters. The tour ends beautifully along the old road from Umes to Fiè. This beautiful, largely unpaved road passes through ancient farms in Fiè and, in good weather, offers pleasant afternoon sunshine.


  1. Direct ascent to the Pond of Fiè: At street point No. 5 in San Antonio, you can avoid turning left and instead continue straight on the main road. Here begins the road that takes you directly to the Pond of Fiè, from which you can then continue the tour as described in Step 19.
  2. Shorter route via the Moarmühle Mill: At waypoint 38, you can avoid turning left at the far left and instead follow the dirt road downhill, which will take you to the road leading to Umes. Here, you can continue to the traffic circle in Fiè.
  3. Extension through the Tschafonleger viewpoint: At waypoint 42, just above Umes, you can turn left in the direction of Monte Cavone/Tschafon. This extra route will take you through the Tschafonleger viewpoint, Schönblick, Tschötscher and the Schnaggenkreuz viewpoint, then return to Umes and follow the tour as described in route 46. This wide additional turn covers 12.5 kilometers with an elevation gain of 590 meters uphill. For more details, see the “Sciliar/Schlern and Croda del Maglio/Hammerwand” tour.